Area Sales Manager – Key Pharmacy | Jobs in Cairo, Egypt by Unilever

Job Title: Area Sales Manager – Key Pharmacies

The role involves various tasks which include the following:

Daily Tasks:

• Company order

• Request order with T.L (PH-KR-Retail-WS)

• Deposits & Cash flow

• Follow-up With T.L (PH-KR-Retail-WS)

• Area Sales Manager Daily Meeting

• Daily Forecast (TO- Deposits- Cash flow-SEC Sales)

• Loading orders and CV DSF

• Follow-up with T.L ACC Team and warehouse Team

• Goods Division

• Follow-up with T.L (PH-KR-Retail-WS)

• Follow-up CS Team

• Follow-up with T.L CS Team

• Market visit reporting

• Follow-up with T.L (Market Visits yesterday)

• Administrative work

• Follow-up with T.L ACC Team and warehouse Team

• Credit limit

• Follow up on credit in the market

• Coaching & develop and select Staff

• Select the new salesman for each sub-channel

• Weekly Tasks:

• SM Meeting

• Follow up on weekly forecasts (TO, Deposits, Cash flow, SEC Sales)

• Weekly Forecast

• Weekly Forecasts (TO, Deposits, Cash flow, SEC, Sales)

• Market visit /Perfect Store

• 10 market visit per week

Monthly Tasks:

• ASM Monthly Meeting

• Overview for Achievement of the last month

• Forecasts for current month

• Prepare monthly presentation about distribution achievement

• Recap all distributor targets

• Plan-Achievement-contests-Key Customers-Discounts

• Monthly TO Plan

• Plan by Channel – Catorage -Brand-Item-TO and by DSF

• Monthly FCS Plan

• Plan

• Monthly TPR/Price

• Follow-up Trade letter and Request any amendments

• Regional Monthly Meetings

• Discussion for all distributors’ achievement

• Forecast Reporting

• Forecast for all brands-TO -FCS-Closing month (working capital and control cost -ROI)

• Follow-up competitors

• News about competitors

• Land new customer initiatives

• Partner with S&CM to land strong full year activity grid to Key customers

• Ensure perfect store execution

• Partner with TCM & Merchandising to ensure PS execution

Yearly Tasks:

• Customer’ JBPs

• Plan & Land Customer JBPs yearly to key customers

• Review yearly contracts

• Review & amend customers contracts & ensure proper briefing

• Yearly ambition

• Participate in yearly bottom-up forecast to reflect channel ambition

Key Requirements:

• Bachelor’s Degree – Pharmacy graduate is a plus

• 4-8 years of experience in the sales field

• Experience in FMCGs or Pharmaceutical industry

• Strong Knowledge of Sales Fundamentals & Call Steps

• Strong Analytical Skills

• Strong Trade Channel Knowledge

• Planning & Development

• Powerful problem Solving

• Strong Communication and negotiation skills

• Market orientation

• Management skills

• Problem-solving skills

Key Skills and Attributes Needed:

• Leadership

• Teamwork

• Motivation

• Passion for Growth

• Seizing the Future

• Holding People Accountable

• Ambitious

• Self confidence

• Adaptability

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