Electical & Mechanical Technicans at Boodai Trading Company – Kuwait

About Us

Boodai Trading Company promptly diversified and became the supplier of broader range of the choicest and the most reliable and reputable brand names of “Construction Equipment” & “Industrial Tools”, all of them selected after carefully considering the market demand, enabling the company to service the needs of civil construction companies involved in the infrastructure buildup of Roads, Ports, Docks, Schools, Hospitals, Buildings & Houses. In 60’s, Boodai Trading Company expanded its operations in the adjoining Gulf States too, who were also experiencing economic and infrastructure development.
The construction and oil industry business have both changed and matured since 1950’s and Boodai Trading Company has adapted to these changes, growing considerably in the process. In today’s market, with the concept of being “The Solution Providers” in mind, Boodai Trading Company has the spread of activities encompassing the supplies of Heavy Construction Machinery, Material Handling Equipment, Trucks, De-Watering & Process Pumps, Power Generators and Tower Lights, Building Maintenance Units, Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Protection Shelters, Welding Machines and Consumables, Hydraulic & Pipe Line Tools, Surface Cleaning Equipment, Steam Traps, Chlorination Plants and Construction Chemicals etc., through its head office in Kuwait and branches in Saudi Arabia, Dubai & Abu Dhabi in UAE, Qatar and Oman.

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