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Job Purpose:

The role is responsible to contribute to the management of the relationship with investors and stakeholders by preparing the relevant documents in order to guarantee updated and clear information on company business strategies, performance and financial results through responding to investors’ requests and questions and transferring them to the respective stakeholders in due time.

Roles & Responsibilities:

1. Provides analyses and reports on investors’ expansion project requirements, market positioning against competitors and financial analysts’ studies.

2. Prepares factsheets, reports on company strategies and business performance

3. Develops and maintains relationships with investors and stakeholders though conducting proactive communication which builds the investment relationship and advances the project.

4. Meets with investors to identify their plans for investment in Qatar and makes the relevant recommendation

5. Manages CRM system to track progress from investment projects activities.

6. Researches current issues and trends in international business expansion and keeps abreast with global knowledge and best practices in the field of foreign direct investment/investment promotion activities across the globe.

7. Provides an effective communication with investors and stakeholders to ensure satisfaction with requirements and initiatives.

8. Handles the administration process ensuring that all proper and necessary documentation regarding the investor relations are delivered to the investors.

Qualifications & Experience:

• Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in international business, economics, management, marketing or business administration.

• Minimum Experience: Minimum 2-4 years of relevant work experience in an international business environment specifically in the role of client service and project management.

A leading Financial Organization in Qatar.

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