NDA Exam Mathematics Study Plan [50 Days]


The NDA Examination is conducted twice a year by the Union Public Service Commission to recruit candidates in Army, Navy, and Air Force. NDA Written exam consists of two papers: Mathematics and GAT. Mathematics Section in NDA exam includes 120 questions and a total of 300 marks with 2.5 marks being awarded for each correct answer and 0.83 marks deducted for each incorrect one. The paper duration is of 2 and half hours.

NDA Mathematics Syllabus consists of:

  • Algebra: Set theory, Relations, Functions, Complex Numbers,
    Quadratic Equations & Inequalities, Permutations & Combinations
    (P&C), Binomial Theorem, Logarithms, Sequences & Series, Binary
  • Differential
    Limits & continuity,
    Differentiability & Differentiation, Applications of Derivatives (AOD)
  • Trigonometry: Ratios and Identities, Inverse Trigonometric
    Functions, Heights, and Distances, Properties of Triangles
  • Statistics
    & Probability
  • Integral
    Indefinite integration,
    Definite integration and its applications, Differential Equations
  • Analytical
    Geometry 2D:
    Coordinate Geometry,
    straight Lines, Circles, Parabola, Ellipse & Hyperbola
  • Analytical
    Geometry 3D:
    3D Geometry, Line in 3D,
    Plane in 3D, Sphere
  • Vector Algebra
  • Matrices &

is the list of most consistent and high number of questions-based topics to
thoroughly study them to easily solve highest number of questions in NDA
Mathematics paper by preparing in last 50 days of the examination.

  1. Algebra (Set Theory, Functions, Complex
    Numbers, Quadratic Equations & Inequalities, Permutations &
    Combinations, Binomial Theorem)
  2. Differential Calculus (Limits,
    Continuity, Differentiability & Differentiations & its applications)
  3. Trigonometry (Trigonometric Ratios &
  4. Statistics & Probability
  5. Integral Calculus
  6. Matrices & Determinants

Below are in detail topic-wise previous years’ Q&A analysis and a concrete study plan to cover all the important topics in NDA Mathematics syllabus with 50 Days in hand:

Index: I = Important, VI = Very Important, NSI = Not so Important(Not necessary to go through)

Tips to Remember:

Please keep a printout of the following Study Plan & try to follow the schedule as strictly as possible. Remember, regular revision and practice of Mathematics Formulas and Results is particularly important. So, don’t miss out the revision part. While revising, you can follow the study materials provided with the lessons or whatever notes you have made during the process. Also, practising questions and taking mock tests are some of the crucial parts of preparation. Check our NDA Mock Test Series for more details. For reference to the lessons, follow NCERT’s Grade 11th and 12th Mathematics books for concepts and R.D. Sharma Objective Grade 11th & 12th Books for enough practice. You can also visit us at ssbcrackshop.com to check out other study and exercise books and e-books for NDA Mathematics. All the best!

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