Research study to further gender equality in higher education in India

The recently launched National Education Policy 2020 in India offers us an excellent opportunity to amplify the findings of an ongoing research study from the work that British Council is delivering with Andhra Pradesh and at an all India level. This allows us to partner with the Government of India’s ambitions of achieving gender equality through education. There are several other states in the country which are similarly ranked low in the gender parity index. 

We are interested to use the Andhra Pradesh study as a basis to study similar trends in other states in the country and use the findings to inform and influence policy at an all India level. 

The overall aim for this project is to produce a research and evidence base, to validate our recommendations to the Indian government, and support the Ministry of Education in realising the aspirations set out in the National Education Policy 2020. Through the development of implementation strategies, plans and programmes of the Ministry of Education, we seek to enable higher education systems in India to become more equitable, drawing upon knowledge and good practice in the UK. In doing so we aim to develop partnerships in higher education that are supportive of equality and inclusion in India, and support the UK’s priorities in becoming a longer-term strategic knowledge partner of India.

For further information about the opportunity, please refer to the Call guidelines which you can view from the Downloads section below.

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