Write a simple MIPS program using MARS | Computer Science | Assembly

Write a MIPS math quiz program in MARS.

Download MARS: [login to view URL]

The program should start with a friendly user greeting. From there, it should generate a random arithmetic problem. Your program will need to generate three random things: the first and second operand and the operator to use. Your program should generate random positive integers no greater than 20 for the operands. The possible operators are +, -, * and % (MOD). The user should be prompted for an answer to the problem. If they are correct or incorrect, the program should inform them either way.

Continue prompting the user to solve addition problems until they enter a value of -1. If they enter -1, print out their score (how many problems they solved correctly/incorrectly, along with a percentage of how many were correct). Then quit the program.

Hints/Resources: [login to view URL]~setia/cs365-S02/[login to view URL]

For random numbers: [login to view URL]

Here’s a sample run of the program (images attached). User inputs are highlighted in yellow.

Skills: Computer Science, Assembly

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